Important Product Information

Please read this product information sheet before using EZ FIT or EZ MAGIC. These products are for individual adult use only. EZ FIT and EZ MAGIC may be used at room temperature, warmed in heating pad/warm water or chilled in the refrigerator.

Remove all packaging prior to use. Before warming or refrigerating, EZ FIT OR EZ MAGIC must be at room temperature. After the product has been heated or chilled; ALWAYS test the temperature prior to each use by applying EZ FIT or EZ MAGIC to sensitive skin, such as the underside of the wrist. Please note that the product's temperature may feel warmer or colder inside the vaginal or rectal cavity.

Before warming, EZ FIT and/or EZ MAGIC must be at room temperature. Place EZ FIT and/or EZ MAGIC on a "low" setting heating pad; heat to desired temperature. Clean warm water may also be used. Use CAUTION after heating – do not use if uncomfortably hot! If a warmer temperature is desired, reheat the product to the desired temperature; test again prior to use. Repeat this process until the desired temperature is reached. If the temperature is too hot, wait until it reaches a comfortable temperature by testing as indicated above. "WARNING" - do not heat above 105° Fahrenheit (40.5°Celsius)! Do NOT overheat, as it may cause burns to sensitive skin.

Before chilling, EZ FIT and/or EZ MAGIC must be at room temperature. Refrigerate for 30 to 60 minutes prior to use; do not use if uncomfortably cold. "WARNING" – DO NOT FREEZE; do not cool below 45° Fahrenheit (7.2° Celsius)! After cleaning, you may store your product in a protective case at room temperature or in the refrigerator when not in use.

EZ FIT and EZ MAGIC are durable products, crafted from high-quality glass. However, they are NOT invincible or indestructible. If your product is dropped or sustains a blow, PLEASE take the time to inspect it for damage. If damaged, DO NOT use!




Clean EZ FIT and/or EZ MAGIC prior to and after each use; using warm water, a mild non-toxic / disinfecting hand soap over the entire surface for a minimum of 20 seconds. They are dishwasher safe, on a cool or warm setting, allowing you a more extensive method of cleaning. Use a mild non-toxic detergent to avoid an allergic reaction. If you experience any type of allergic reaction, discontinue the use of that soap or detergent and rinse the product thoroughly with warm water. Our products are nonporous and hypo-allergenic.

Lubricant Use

Use of this product should NOT be painful. For easier insertion, we recommend use of clean water or an over-the-counter lubrication product (such as Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Personal Lubricant; a cool and refreshing lubricant). If over-the-counter lubricants generally cause you irritation, dip EZ FIT and/or EZ MAGIC in (room temperature, clean cold or warm) water for easier insertion.  Desert Harvest’s Personal Lubricant is edible and can be used safely with both latex and non-latex condoms. Caution must be used by all users with allergic hypersensitivities. 

Precautions for EZ Fit and/or EZ Magic

As a condition of sale, the purchaser/user assumes full responsibility for the proper care and use of this product. The purchaser/user must be the judge of when to use the product, the proper temperature, and for how long.