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Now you can watch and follow Amy Stein's new 2-hour video in the comfort of your home. Healing Pelvic and Abdominal Pain: The ultimate home program for patients and a guide for practitioners. It is easy to follow, provides comprehensive explanations, clear instructions on external and internal massages and dilator use, as well as stretches in real time. Available in our Store.



French Internal Pelvic Floor Self-Massage Guide.pdf

by Amy Stein, DPT

Translated by: Allison McCreath, BScPT, Microprogramme En Rééducation Périnéale Et Pelvienne.

Heal Pelvic Pain


Heal Pelvic Pain: A Proven Stretching, Strengthening, and Nutritional Program for Relieving Pain, Incontinence, IBS, and Other Symptoms Without Surgery by Amy Stein, M.P.T.

And Prevention magazine did a great article on: 'The Pain down there':

Internal Pelvic Floor Self-Massage Guide by Amy Stein, M.P.T.


Mr Stefan Chmelik MSc
MRCHM MBAcC DipCHM LicOHM DipAc DipCHM (Dermatology) ClinAc  (Nanjing) CST I/II

New Medicine Group - Thrive Health - Zen Now


New Medicine Group - Thrive Health - Zen Now

Zen Now - Assisted Meditation Technology
* Meditation has highly significant proven health benefits
* But meditation is too hard and takes too long to master
* Zen Now delivers the benefits in moments rather than years

The main indications are:
* Chronic pain
* Mood states (anxiety and depression)
* Insomnia
* Substance rehabilitation

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The Interstitial Cystitis Association (ICA) is the only non-profit charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare and lives of people with interstitital cystitis (IC). The ICA provides advocacy, research funding, and education to ensure early diagnosis and optimal care with dignity for people affected by IC.

The ICA is now offering a free tailored self-help program for IC sufferers. Visit the ICHope Self Management Module for more information.



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