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Desert Harvest
(Home of the Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Capsule, Glide, Releveum, etc.)

Desert Harvest You Tube Chanel - Educational Videos

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United Kingdom




YouTube Videos - Male Pelvic Pain & Therapy

Gerard Greene - Video 1

Gerard Greene - Video 2



YouTube Videos - Female Pelvic Pain & Therapy

Maria Elliott - Video 1

Maria Elliott - Video 2

Jilly Bond




Gerard Greene
Harbone - Kings Heath - Solihull, U.K.


Harborne Physiotherapy

Telehealth Appointments

Birmingham Health Physiotherapy Blog

Treating Male Pelvic Pain using EZMagicWand

Bill Taylor
Edinburgh, U.K.


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YouTube Videos by TaylorPhysiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Exercises with Bill Taylor



Simply Women's Health & The Mummy MOT

Maria Elliott
London, U.K.

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The Mummy MOT Blog

Professional Courses

Simply Women's Health Info/Advice Sheets


Gusset Grippers

Elaine Miller
Frank - Funny & Factual Physiotherapist

Edingurg, U.K.



Pelvic Floor Exercises (for incontinence)



Madrid, Spain

cursos de los mejores profesionales para lograr la salud de suelo pelvico - (courses from the best professionals to achieve pelvic floor health)


Consulta Suelo Pelvico / Appointments (in the office / telehealth)

Guía de auto masaje del suelo pélvico interno por Amy Stein, DPT


Maeve Whelan
Dublin, Ireland

Pelvic Floor Release

Online Classes

Michelle Lyons



Upcoming Events/Courses

Online Courses

Jilly Bond
Cardiff, U.K.

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Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapy & Education

Blog & Vlog

Facebook for all things Pelvic Health

Online Courses & Live Courses


Bromyard, U.K.



Shop EZMagic


Tracy Sher
Maintland (Orlando), Florida

Telehealth Appointment Email

Sher Pelvic Health & Healing, LLC



Amy Stein, DPT, BCB-PMD
Author of Heal Pelvic Pain,
Beating Endo &
DVD: Heal Pelvic & Abdominal Pain

E 42nd St & 156 William St - New York City


Telehealth Appointments

Now Accepting: Cigna, United Health and Aetna Insurance

Beyond Basics Blog

By Amy Stein, DPT - PDF Files for use of EZMagic(XL)

Internal Pelvic Floor Self-Massage Guide

French Internal Pelvic Floor Self-Massage Guide

Spanish Internal Pelvic Floor Self-Massage Guide

Stephanie Prendergast
Author of Pelvic Pain Explained

California: Berkley - San Fransisco - Los Gatos - Walnut Creek
Encinitas - Los Angeles - Westlake Village

New England: Lexington, MA & Bedford, NH

Online Mentoring and Pelvic Floor Continuing Education

Telehealth Appointments

Pelvic Health Rehabilitation Center


Pelvice Health | Pregnancy & Postpartum | Bladder Dysfunction | Bowel Dysfunction | Pelvic Organ Prolapse | Transgender Pelvic Health | Post Surgical Rehabilitation | Pediatric Pelvic Health

Pamela Morrison Wiles
New York City Metropolitan Area

Expert Care - Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, P.C.

Newsletter & Blog

Marianne Ryan
Author of Baby Bod
E 45th Street New York

Maryanne Ryan Physical Therapy

Telehealth Appointments - Phone: 212-661-2933

Women's Health, Orthopedics, Pregnancy & PostPartum, Telehealth



Marilyn Freedman
Great Neck, NY

News & Events


Vanessa Brockhouse
Tampa, FL

Pelvic Health Home Exerse Platform
Exercises, Education & Products specific to Women's Health

Daniella Serfaty



Interstitial Cystitis Association

Diagnosis & Treatment


National Vulvodynia Association


What is Vulvodynia?

Patient Information, Support & Self-Help Tips

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