Custom Glass Pieces: Information & Photo Gallery

Design your own adult glass product(s) to meet your personal or professional needs and we'll manufacture it for you.  To begin the process, we will need a detailed drawing, including measurements.  If for example, you'd just like a larger EZFit (16.2mm = .63"), let us know the length and diameter you wish.  Email us (  to check for glass diameter availability (diameter of glass): 1" = 25.4mm; 1.25" = 31.75mm; 1.75" = 44.45mm; and 2" = 50.8mm.              

The pictures below are various products developed by ICRelief, LLC for specific customers. The product use ranged from personal, professional, wholesale, bridal shower gift, to adult store displays & sales.

ICR Photo Gallery



Let your imagination design the products for your needs and we'll do the rest. For more information on custom pieces please email us your requirements at