Our EZProduct line provides unique, economical and sensible solutions for your internal, external, vaginal and/or rectal personal needs.

We have distribution centers in Europe, South Africa, Israel, Iceland and the United States; resulting in prompt shipping globally.  In 2005, ICRelief, LLC patented our pelvic ezwands. They are innovative intimate pelvic products for vaginal and/or rectal adult recreational use; they can be used intenally or externally, at room temperature, cold or warm. EZWands™ are nonporous pelvic wands . Our pelvic wands are ergonomically designed to help massage those hard to reach areas and ease maneuverability.

To enhance your experience, we can Custom Design a wand for you. We will work closely with you to design and manufacture the glass product(s) you need at a reasonable cost; whether it's just one or thousands, we can help. For more information visit our Custom Design page.

EZFit & EZMagic made an appearance . . .
EZFit & EZMagic made an appearance on Amy Stein's new 2-hour DVD. Check out our Links & Resource page for more information.


Borosilicate Medical-Grade Glass
Nonporous, Hypoallergenic, 100% Lead Free
Easy to Clean / Autoclavable

Smooth - No pointy edges or seams
Gentle for sensitive skin
Can Be Warmed or Cooled for a more enjoyable effect
Small diameter for easy insertion
Kiln Tempered For High Durability
Polariscope Tested Ensuring Integrity
Able to use both ends of the wand; easy maneuverability


& EZMagic XL

For detailed cleaning and safety information, please visit our Care & Safety Guide page.