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EZFit, EZMagic, EZMagicXL, EZ2Cool & Custom Made Pieces . . .

Our company brings unique and sensible pelvic wands for your private personal needs. In 2005, we introduced two pelvic wands EZFit and EZMagic. They are innovative intimate pelvic products for vaginal and/or rectal recreational adult use that can be used at room temperature, cold or warm. EZWands are the only non-porous pelvic wands preferred by customers worldwide. Our pelvic wands are specifically designed to help massage those hard to reach areas and may be more user-friendly.

To enhance your experience, we offer a Custom Pieces service. We will work closely with you to design and manufacture the glass product(s) you need, whether it's just one or thousands, at a reasonable cost. For more information visit our Custom Pieces page.

EZFit & EZMagic made an appearance . . .
EZFit & EZMagic made an appearance on Amy Stein's new 2-hour DVD. Check out our Links & Resource page for more information.


High Quality Medical-Grade Glass
100% Lead Free
Sterile Packaging
Easy to Clean / Auto-Claveable
Smooth - No pointy edges or seams
Gentle for sensitive skin
Can Be Warmed or Cooled for a more enjoyable effect
Small diameter for easy insertion
Kiln Tempered For High Durability
Polariscope Tested Ensuring Integrity
Can be cleaned with soap & water or other cleanser without affecting the non-porous quality of the piece; will not change color


& EZMagic XL

Tell me more . . .

EZFit & EZMagic can be used at room temperature, warm or cold. They can be refrigerated; we suggest refrigerating for 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to use. "WARNING" do not cool below 45 degrees Farenheit (7.2 Celsius)! Before refrigerating, the product must be at room temperature. After cleaning, you may store your product in a protective case at room temperature or in the refrigerator when not in use.

Before warming, EZFit and EZMagic must be at room temperature. To heat, we suggest using a heating pad on a "low" setting until the desired warmth is reached. Use CAUTION after heating – do not use if uncomfortably hot! Repeat this process until the desired temperature is reached. "WARNING" - do not heat above 105° Fahrenheit (40.5°Celsius)! Do NOT overheat, as it may cause burns to sensitive skin.

EZFit and EZMagic are durable products crafted from high-quality medical-grade glass, which is approximately twice as strong as acrylic and non-porous. However, they are NOT invincible or indestructible. If your product is dropped or sustains a blow, PLEASE take the time to inspect it for damage.

For detailed cleaning and safety information, please visit Important Product Information page.

When ordering from Europe please visit our Authorized European Distributor: Elgenia Health Ltd. at www.pelvicrelief.co.uk. EZWands have been added to the NHS Supply chain and have received the European CE Mark.


How do I order and how much do the ezwands cost?

You can order our product(s) by visiting our on-line secure store. For further information, email us at info@icrelief.com. EZFit retails for $35.00, EZMagic retails for $79.00 and EZMagic XL retails for $89.00, plus shipping and packaging. Only Florida residents pay applicable sales tax.

I'm a Retailer, how do I order at discounted prices?

Wholesale & Professional Discounts are available; to request more information, send an email to icwholesalediscount@me.com. All orders by Retailers must be emailed to icwholesalediscount@me.com,
otherwise you will not receive the discount.

Payment Options

We accept payment via Visa®, Master Card®, PayPal™, (use PayPal™ if paying with American Express® or Discover®).

No Refund Policy

We have a NO REFUND policy; please be sure that you want to purchase the product(s) prior to placing your order. For hygiene and safety reasons we cannot accept returns/exchanges. Should the product(s) arrive damaged do not open the sealed product (DO NOT USE); please save the sealed product with all packaging materials and contact us immediately for further instructions.

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